What To Expect When I Come

When you first enter Columbia River Foursquare Church, you will be welcomed by a friendly greeter at the door. Our greeters will provide you with a name tag so that people can welcome you by name and you can become more acquainted with those around you. You will also be given a church bulletin as you enter the sanctuary, which contains detailed information on upcoming events and a service schedule, which also may be viewed by visiting the church calendar.

If you have kids, chances are there is a class being offered during the service which is relevant to their age. One of the greeters can direct you to the right location, or you can click here to see a full list of classes being offered for your kids. Of course, if they would prefer to stay with you, and are old enough to sit through service, you are welcome to keep them with you as well. There is also a "Wiggle Room" located at the back of the sanctuary for parents of babies, as well as nursery care in Columbia Kids. Columbia Kids Ministry team members are available at the welcome table near the hallway in the Commons to answer any questions or direct you to the correct classroom.

If you need any assistance finding an open seat in the sanctuary, the ushers are available to guide you to open seating. If you are new, you may fill out a “Guest Registration Card” located in chair pockets and drop into the offering bag. At Columbia River Foursquare, there are many people from all over the county and from every walk of life waiting to meet you! You are welcome to come as you are to worship together as part of the family.

During our Worship Services, our modern worship is lead by a full live band. The worship style is contemporary and upbeat. During worship people clap, raise their hands in praise, or have a more contemplative worship style. All people are welcome to express their worship to God in the way they feel comfortable.

After worship, greeting one another, and taking up an offering, Pastor Mike Cooke presents the good news of the Gospel through interactive and compelling teaching from the Bible; sermons may be found on the Sermon Webcast Page. Biblical principals, concepts and history are clearly explained and made relevant with teachings that apply to real life. These thought-provoking lessons are taught with heart, humility, humor, and a sincere passion for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. You will leave equipped with the spiritual and biblical tools to not only “make it” through the next week, but live victoriously in Christ through the promises found in His Word.

After each service is over, everyone is welcome to stick around and visit with one another in the Commons, or enjoy a coffee and snack at the refreshments table. This is also a great time to visit the Information Desk. Here you will find sign-up sheets for activities and outings, flyers and permission slips, as well as the Email Registration clip-board. By signing up with our Email Registration, you can receive Pastor’s Desk, Ladies’ Connection, and Prayer Chain emails.

Also, you can pick up a Ministry Interest card at the Information Desk if you are interested in serving in specific ministries at the church, and return it to the Information Desk volunteer. You can also sign-up for any of these things by sending us an email.  A weekly schedule of programs and upcoming events can be found on our home page. The full monthly calendar can also be viewed to help you plan for upcoming events.