Church Sponsored and Global Missions

At Columbia River Foursquare, we send out local missions teams as well as supporting our Global FMI fund. The reason we support both is because both work together and need each other in order to successfully advance the gospel around the world.

Church Sponsored Missions Global Missions Strategy
Can tend to be more project or event centered. Can be more nation centered.
Can see a more immediate return for the investment. Can invest in strategies whose return is only seen in the long run.
Can benefit from the passion of a particular sending pastor. Can maintain a stable resource even when the sending pastor changes.
Can more easily mobilize lay leaders into the mission field. Can develop more highly skilled professionals to provide oversight.
Can better develop new teams from stateside churches. Can better raise up and release the indigenous leadership base.
Can address the observable needs of well-known people groups. Can operate in areas where public evangelism is not possible.
Can build deep relationships with specific missionary works. Can develop broad relationships with national and political leaders.

Church Sponsored Missions Need Global Missions:

Global Missions Need Church Sponsored Missions:

"Just a note to thank you again for the work you did on the FMI-Local Church comparisons following our meeting in Portland. I presented it ... to the supervisors/staff and the Board of Directors this week and they were grateful and blessed. Your work has resolved years of confusion as well as lack of clarity and it has helped us to align our funding and our mission. It has also helped us to prioritize the components of our mission. Thanks for this gift!"

Dr. James C. Scott Jr., Director Foursquare Missions International (10/21/11)